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Another option Concrete Wizard offers is a Transparent Stain that is environmentally safe with no runoffs that occur with acid staining. It takes advantage of the distinctive variations in the color, texture and porosity of concrete resulting in the same type of beautiful multi-hued appearance that is found in many stone surfaces. Anticipate the kind of drifts in color, uneven variations and mottling that are found in nature. Transform ordinary concrete into the extraordinary.

The Stain contains the highest quality, 100% acrylic resin. This resin system offers outstanding adhesion, durability, color retention and water resistance. It also offers resistance to wear from foot and vehicle traffic. It also exhibits excellent resistance to chemicals such as brake fluid, transmission fluid, motor oil, salt water,

Where to Use:
Concrete patios, porches, steps, sidewalks, driveways, garage and basement floors, pool decks and other concrete or unfinished masonry surfaces.

Aussie Stone
Faux Boulders
Transparent Sealer
Acid Stain
Landscape Borders
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